Hadiya to have one of the best music album of Mollywood in recent times. A couple of talented people are working for the music and its sure to rule the hitcharts.Hadiya guarantee to have the best songs ,such that they remain evergreen and holds a special place in our heart.  

kindly find here below the details of the songs in Hadiyya for your kind information and record.  Please note all songs' music directed by Sharreth.

1. Love song:  Mazhakkaayi kothikke manassinnarike .. Lyrics by Rafeeq Ahmad and sung by Bijibal and Sandra

2. Wedding song:  Surumayil neela  kanpeeli minnunna .  Lyrics by Rafeeq Ahmad and sung by Hariharan.

3. Title song: pala desham pala vesham, ithu maanavante pala kolam.  Lyrics by M.R. Jayageetha and sung by Gopi Sundar.

4. Social song:  he, matha veriyare nerikedukal mathamaakumo.  Lyrics by Murukan kattakkada and sung by Kavya Madhavan.

5. Happy song: Kanavu thannetho ennuyirinaanandam... Lyrics by M.R. Jayageetha and sung by M.M. Sreelekha.

Please you may note the fact that all songs are sung by Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi music composers.  This is first time in the history of  Malayalam cinema.

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