The adjective “Lady Mohanlal” gives me a lot of responsibility and rejoice as well, says Manju Warrier.

Manju Warrier is been called as the Lady Super Star of Mollywood as she is the most popular actresses here in Mollywood. People also calls her Lady Mohanlal looking at her extraordinary acting talent, range, popularity and flexibility as an actress. When asked about this adjective of Lady Mohanlal, which people use to call her, Manju Warrier replied that she is really happy and enjoying that adjective attached to her. She said that they are calling her so because of the love they had towards her. But Manju Warrier believes that it gives her a lot of responsibility as well as an actress.

Mohanlal is the greatest actor India has ever seen and he is the biggest star ever in Mollywood as well. Many people calls him the God of Acting as well looking at his stunning range, flexibility and skill as an actor. He is the most loved and popular ever actor in Mollywood as well. So, when people attaches his name as an adjective to call her, she have to make sure that she will never bring shame to that big name. She must choose good films and never let down the ones who believes in her talent.Mohanlal had given his voice to one of the characters in Manju Warrier’s recent release named C/O Sairabhanu, which is doing great in box office. It had got great critical appreciation as well.

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